Your performance. Your choice.

Trinity College London's Piano 2021-2023 syllabus let's candidates choose from our largest repertoire lists to date, which include 35 pieces per grade, a range of international composers and a selection of popular pieces from the 2018-2020 syllabus.

You can get a taste of the type of pieces available by downloading our free resources including:

  • A sample repertoire booklet
  • The Young Composers' Compendium
  • A Piano 2021-2023 syllabus

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What's in your download?

Piano Sample Booklet

Sample repertoire booklet

Your sample booklet includes: sample pieces at Initial, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 6 and Grade 8 and sample technical exercises at Initial and Grade 5.

Young Composers' Compendium

Young Composers' compendium

Trinity Play it Forward champions a set of three pieces at Initial, Grade 4 and Grade 7, written by winners of our Young Composers' Competition. 

Piano 2021-2023 Syllabus

Piano 2021-2023 syllabus

Your performance. Your choice. Trinity's Piano 2021-2023 syllabus features extensive repertoire to choose from and the flexibility to play to your strengths.

Digital Grades and Diplomas

Responsive to a changing world, these exams have been designed to support teaching, learning and assessment through a digital medium. Digital Grades and Diplomas sit alongside our face-to-face exams, providing even more choice and flexibility in how a regulated graded qualification can be achieved.

Visit the Digital Grades and Diplomas page for more information.