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Preparing candidates for digital exams

A teacher's guide

Music and drama digital grades

Digital grades are an excellent option to offer students consistency in unpredictable times, but for many they will be a new experience.

As a teacher you know that careful preparation is essential for success in any sort of assessment, and with that in mind we have created a new guide to preparing candidates for digital music and drama exams.

In creating this guide we have worked closely with experienced Trinity examiners, who are also themselves music and drama teachers.

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This helpful new resource offers you the chance to:

  • Ensure you can equip candidates to reach their potential during the filming session
  • Hear directly from examiners, including their ‘top tips’ for success through digital assessments
  • Avoid common mistakes when filming and submitting videos for digital exams
  • Get a deeper understanding of Trinity’s requirements for digital assessments for music and drama, and understand how to best prepare for them

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Complete the form below to download ‘A teacher’s guide to preparing candidates for digital exams’ and enable your students’ performances to shine.

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