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A six month countdown to be in control from casting to opening night

Students don't just have to be in the cast to be the stars of the show – there is plenty they can get involved in off stage, too. Our handy checklist covers every aspect of putting on a successful production, presented in a practical six month timeline so you can keep on top of the workload and delegate with ease.

The checklist includes:

  • Every aspect of a production carefully mapped out, from obtaining the rights to opening night
  • Clear icons next to each job to show who needs to do what, and how students can be involved
  • A handy checklist format so you can easily keep track of progress
  • A list of roles within the production team to enable students to take more responsibility

This resource will help you stay organised, avoiding any last-minute stress and feel confident that your production will be a resounding success you and your students can be proud of.

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Who will benefit from this resource?

Heads of Drama

Putting on a production is incredibly rewarding, but also a huge amount of work – and it is all too often the Head of Drama who bears the burden. But it doesn't have to be this way! Spread the workload by recruiting a production team and delegating tasks from the beginning.


Giving students ownership of the production from the start will keep them more engaged in the whole process. Less spoon feeding and more responsibility will also help students develop their organisational and leadership skills.

Whole school

A production presents many opportunities for collaborative work, which this resource will help you identify. Getting other departments involved will make your production a whole-school success, and our countdown will ensure it's all done in plenty of time.

The six month countdown to your next school production

A step-by-step breakdown to ensure your next school drama production is a huge success. Clearly identify who should be involved at each stage of the process and mark each stage as completed along the way.

Ideal for new and experienced teachers alike looking to put on a first-rate theatrical production in their school with maximum student involvement.

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