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Need-to-knows | Preparing for successful music and drama digital grades & diplomas

Trinity's digital grades and diplomas offer a flexible and convenient option for music and drama candidates to take online exams that are regulated and recognised in the same way as Trinity's face-to-face exams. Online exams may be a new or unfamiliar mode of assessment for your students and some candidates may have never filmed their work for a digital exam. So to support you we have designed helpful guides and resources filled with tips, advice and insights to help you understand, plan, prepare and submit performances to ensure the very best outcome. Whether you are completely new to the digital exam process or already successfully running digital exams, the information, advice and guidance will ensure you get the best result from your digital grade journey.


Prepare for success with Trinity’s digital exam guides

Access these supportive resources to help you understand and prepare for digital exams in music and drama. Find out how to help students reach their full potential during the filming session and get handy tips and advice from teachers, students and examiners to achieve a successful assessment:

A comprehensive resource to walk you through each step of the online assessment process. This guide provides support and guidance for every stage of the Classical and Jazz digital exam journey.

All you need to know to prepare, book and submit candidate videos for digital assessment in both music and drama. The guide details the recording and submission requirements as well as practical suggestions for digital exams.

Handy tips and helpful advice from fellow students about preparing and entering music and drama digital exams and diplomas. Frequently asked questions answered by your peers to help you achieve a successful digital assessment.

Music teachers, students and Trinity Lead Senior Examiner, Anna Dryer-Beers discuss their experiences of supporting, taking and assessing a digital music grade exam. 

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We hope the guides and video will be supportive in helping you understand music and drama digital exams and the steps you can take to ensure the best outcome for your assessment.

UK-based teachers, candidates and parents/guardians can book online when ready to film and submit their entry. Candidates for music exams may wish to film their entry before they make a booking. After you have booked, you will receive your personal login details for the Trinity exam upload platform.

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