Trinity is an international exam board and independent educational charity that has been providing external assessments around the world since 1877.


Our heritage as an English language, music and drama exam board allows us to combine our understanding of performance and communication with that of language, to offer a range of qualifications in English with unique benefits.


Our assessments are enjoyable to prepare for, rewarding to teach and they develop the skills needed for real life.



Preparing students for a changing world


Life in the 21st century is more interconnected, competitive and challenging than ever. But, for people who can communicate effectively in English — in person, in writing and online — the opportunities for study and work are growing too.

Increasingly, it’s not just the language you know, it’s what you can do with that language that makes the difference to success in life.

That’s why, at Trinity College London, we build real-life communication and performance into our assessments.

Teachers & students have their say...


"As always, the examiner was excellent and gave useful comments during the feedback session"


School teacher, Cadiz, Spain


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Trinity's English language assessments



Integrated Skills in English (ISE)


Trinity's ISE is a reading, writing, speaking and listening exam that assesses integrated skills in English and builds communication skills for study and employability. ISE offers the flexibility to build qualifications over time.


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ESOL Skills for Life (UK)



Trinity’s ESOL Skills for Life qualifications are designed to meet the needs of learners aged 16 and over who have chosen to make a life in the UK, and for whom English is a second or additional language. 


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Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE)


Speaking and listening are assessed in a dynamic, unscripted, one-to-one conversation. GESE exams are suitable for all students, whatever their level, from absolute beginner to advanced.


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Trinity Stars: Young Performers in English


For children aged 3–12 years
who are learning English. It gives recognition for a group performance of songs, poems, plays or stories in English. It supports teachers, helping them to engage and motivate children to learn.


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